What does “chair free” mean?

Do you ever sit down?!

When telling someone that you are trying not to use chairs, you’re likely to get this response. It’s understandable. Most people think of sitting as something that takes place exclusively in chairs.

Trying to live chair free however, does not mean that you must be on your feet all day. In fact, doing one thing all day is the antithesis of the Chair Free Project.

Chair Free Project is guided by two simple goals:

1. Minimize your use of furniture (namely, chairs) that have back support and place your upper body at a 90-degree angle to your lower body.

2. Maximize the amount of time you spend in a variety of postures, including standing, walking, perching, squatting, and sitting cross-legged.

These two goals create the framework for living chair free each day. The goals derive from an understanding that the body benefits from variety of movement, and that sitting is one of the worst ways to spend extended periods of time. The more and different ways that you can engage your body throughout the day, the better for your health, wellness, energy, and focus.

Living chair free is a project because it involves experimenting with new things, learning from experiences, and being flexible. There is no set of rules applicable to everyone who wants to use chairs less. Each person’s needs are unique and can change.

They say that variety is the spice of life. So why not add some variety to your postures by becoming part of the chair free project!