Your body was designed to move, not to be stuck in chairs all day. Break free of the chair culture with the help of Chair Free Project! Here you’ll find the resources, tips, and insights to help push your chair aside and start living better – not just at work but throughout the day. What does it mean to be “Chair Free”? Click below to find out. LEARN MORE

Beware the Chair

Find out why chairs – rather than sitting – are the real problem and how you can relax your body in many more healthy ways.

Simple Changes

You can start today by making simple, easy, and free changes to your daily sitting routines.

Amazing Benefits

Once you start using chairs less, you can increase your increase, improve your mood, reduce your back pain, and just feel better!

Kathleen Hale

Kathleen Hale


Kathleen Hale is the Founder of Chair Free Project. She is an entrepreneur, business owner, wife, and mother with a passion for leading an active and healthy life. As former desk jockey, Kathleen spent years being sedentary for most of the day. She finally realized the toll that chairs were taking on her and decided to change her ways. Since then, Kathleen has helped thousands of other people transform their lives by using chairs less and has become a leader in the active-working world. She is a founder of the treadmill desk company, Rebel Desk and a kids’ large floor pillow company, Floor Bloom. Her articles and interviews have appeared on Livestrong.com, FastCompany, Forbes.com, and PBS, among others. Now Kathleen has taken the crusade against chairs beyond the office so even more people can experience the benefits of living chair free.


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